Venture Capital: On the Crossroads

Wednesday, February 1st, 09:00-15:00

Location: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow 1-3 Hall

09:00–09:30 Registration
09:30–10:00 Opening speeches by Victor Orlovski and Ruben Vardanian
10:00–11:00 Session “Cloud: Any Place Under the Sun?”
11:00–11:20 Coffee break
11:20–12:20 Hendrik Brandis:“European Venture Capital – A Golden Decade Ahead”
12:20–12:40 Coffee break
12:40–13:40 Session “Social Commerce”
13:40–14:40 Stand-up buffet

* this schedule may be subject to changes


Participation in this workshop is by personalized invitation only.

Event description:

We live in interesting times – times of constant changes. Yesterday’s hot trends are disappearing, while new
revolutionary ones are transforming the way we behave and interact. Social media, crowdsourcing, cloud computing,
big data, semiconductors, green energy, augmented reality, artificial intelligence are trendy words which are on
everybody’s lips. In a three-session workshop we will try to figure out what is happening across these segments
in Russia and worldwide. Where do entrepreneurs, companies and venture investors have a place in this all?

  1. Cloud: Any Place Under the Sun?
    • Cloud computing is a great buzz word of the year and touted to be the next big thing
      in internet service, a silver bullet that can both cut costs and save the environment. So why have so many businesses
      of all sizes been dragging their feet in getting involved? What are the key trends? Is there any place for new startups
      in cloud computing?

      Speakers: Pekka A. Viljakainen, Serguei Beloussov, Matteo Rizzi, Brian Feinstein, Hendrik Brandis, Stepan Pachikov

  2. Social commerce: Tell and Sell.
    • We’ve now progressed from using social media as a place to converse and
      share content to using social channels where we are comfortable with transferring money and making purchases. This area where
      social media meets ecommerce will definitely transform the future shopping experience. Or perhaps not? What is happening on the
      edge of two booming segments? Is it the start of a new consumer era or just another bubble?

      Speakers: David Waroquier, Jane Zavalishina, Mircea Mikhaescu, Oscar Hartmann, Pavel Bogdanov, Anna Berezovskaya

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