Transport and Infrastructure: Reform at a Crossroads?

Friday, February 3rd, 14:30-16:00

Russia’s railroad system has been in the process of reform for over 10 years. Debates continue about whether the industry needs an organizational overhaul, what it should look like, whether it should be a natural monopoly, or if there is a place for competition. What railroad transport model would work best for Russia?

Despite growing investment in the industry in recent years, transport infrastructure remains strained. Occasional delays in transporting goods and traffic jams at ports lead to losses for companies and force the authorities to intervene. What measures are needed to drastically improve this situation? Is it possible that only a competitive market model can create an effective railroad transport system that satisfies the government and attracts investors?

Who should be the main investor in the industry – Russian Railways, the government, private investors, or PPPs? Railroad infrastructure is closely linked to ports, but the capacity of ports and the level of railroad infrastructure development do not match. How can this relationship be made more effective? Who would provide the investment needed to reduce bottlenecks at ports? How much of a hindrance is this to the development of stevedoring companies? What is the relationship between private investors, port administrators and Russian Railways?

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