Transmedia: A New Language for a New Audience

Saturday, February 4th, 17:30-19:00

We live in an era when technologies are not only developing, but also actively integrating into each other and thereby accustoming the audience to another way to obtain content that differs from the one that the linear media provides.

Transmedia is a logical step in the development of storytelling art, when a single story is told using different media platforms, transforming a viewer into a reader, a player and co-author of a plot.

Most Western experts believe that transmedia is the future of the cinema and TV industry, and that it is the only way Hollywood will bring back the audience that generated box-office cash and TV channel ratings 10 years ago.

The key experts of this field will talk about the principles and opportunities of screenwriting in 21st century within this panel.

  • How to build a media franchise around a whole virtual world, rather than a separate story
  • How to create a character whose image will be an equal success on different media platforms. How can transmedia content shift the focus in the direction of the supporting characters so that a story will increase in breadth on different media platforms?
  • How to create logical developments within a range of scenes on different platforms so that a viewer can understand the connection between them.
  • How to maintain the audience’s interest in a transmedia franchise in expectation of the release of new episodes of the franchise.
  • How to create and pitch a transmedia story.
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