New Industrialization in Russia

Thursday, February 2nd, 15:00-16:30

How to take Russia out of its pre-industrial era and put in on the path to development?

  • Russia’s pre-industrial era: the Russian machine engineering sector has virtually no presence on the global market and Russian companies are not comparable to world leaders in terms of size; less than a fifth of machine engineering output is exported and product export volume on the whole is insignificant
  • To facilitate sustainable development the country needs to develop its industrial sector
  • Machine engineering is a priority industry due to its high importance for developing a competitive and innovative economy
  • A developed machine engineering industry is an essential contribution to increasing productivity
  • Machine engineering will have the largest multiplier effect on other industries and stimulate growth of the service economy
  • Modern production is a key source of demand for innovative and talented individuals
  • Russia has all the prerequisites for developing its processing industry: Russia is bound to generate strong demand for engineering products; Russia’s potential as an industrial superpower has been confirmed by the CEOs of the world’s largest companies…
  • The role and possibilities of financial institutions with regard to developing the industry
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