Russia in Transition

Thursday, February 2nd, 15:00-16:30

This panel will look at the issues affecting Russia’s continuing economic and social development. In particular the panelists will discuss both the opportunities and challenges facing the country over the next 6 years (presidential term) and will present their views on how the opportunities may be maximized and the challenges met. The panelists will both consider the trends in the country, i.e. unique Russian factors, and also refer to the experiences of other countries that have built both successful economic structures and created strong social values. The opportunity and challenges of WTO entry will be part of this discussion as well as how Russia may address the problem of poor investor perception at a time when the government increases efforts to attract a greater volume of investor capital and expertise into industries that may lead to greater economic diversity and wealth distribution. The panelists will also try to identify those areas of the economy and individual industries that may see the greatest impact from the expected changes in the country and, therefore, which may offer the best long term opportunities for investors.

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