Retail: Stabilization Period

Friday, February 3rd, 12:10-13:30

Despite overall slowdown in economic growth we have seen that the key negative trends for the industry (such as changes in social tax, delayed effect of new retail law, volatility in food prices) faded in 2011 and a more supportive backdrop for future development was created. Should we expect a more stable and predictable environment for market participants? What will be the proper balance between long-term growth and profitability in the retail segment? What are the key challenges for the industry in 2012? What was the ultimate impact of food inflation on companies’ performance in 2011 and how will slower inflationchange the performance of the companies of the sector in 2012?

Modern retail penetration exceeds 50% in some big cities, which points to market maturity and sets up a stepping stone on the way to more intense competition. Is there an increasing risk of price competition? Is it possible to foresee how the long-term industry landscape will look like when the whole country will be sufficiently penetrated by modern retail formats? What will be the role of non-organized retail in the future? Is penetration into the Siberian region for the food retailers economically rational? Should Russian companies expand into CIS countries, and what are the most lucrative regions?

According to the State Statistics Service, recent disturbances on financial markets have not yet affected consumer confidence, while some players mark weakening demand. What is really going on with customer behavior? Should we expect some delayed negative impact (like in 2008) or are things different this time? What are the key changes in consumer behavior?

To give a well-rounded understanding of the key sector drivers and consumer psychology, the panel will include food, apparel, mobile, electronics and other sector retailers.

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