Operational Excellence

Tuesday, January 31st, 10:00-13:30

Location: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hall Ballroom 1

09:30–10:00 Guests arrive, complimentary coffee
10:00–10:10 Introductory Speech
Kanovich Olga (Sberbank)
10:10–10:40 «Operational excellence»
Cederle Paolo (UniCredit Bank)
10:40–11:00 Q&A session
Muratov Sergey (Sberbank)
11:00–11:15 Coffee break
11:15–12:00 «Sberbank’s way to Operational Excellence»
Tsepkov Gennady (Sberbank)
12:00–12:15 Q&A session
Muratov Sergey (Sberbank)
12:45–13:30 Round table, discussion «Is there a potential market for Operations outsourcing in Russia and CIS?»

Moderator: Muratov Sergey, Anokhin Sergey (Sberbank)
Participants: Kontorovich Vladislav, Kanovich Olga (Sberbank), Dirks Natalia (Sberbank), Tsepkov Gennady (Sberbank)
13:30–15:00 Lunch


Participation in this workshop is by personalized invitation only.

Event description:

The situation in the banking industry and financial sector trends confirm the relevance of discussing the optimization of commercial banks’ support functions (back-office functions). The operations model (back office) has a significant impact on the banks’ performance, including the cost/income ratio. The back office, despite the fact that it does not interact directly with customers, has a significant impact on banks’ overall business performance and the quality of customer relationships. The idea of creating the Operations Forum in Russia was born after Sberbank specialists attended similar events in Europe and America. Beginning in 2012, Sberbank offers to support an annual Operations Forum in Russia in January.

  1. Operational excellence: what is it and is it possible?
    • The term “operational excellence” has long been used as a key direction of organizational development. Operational excellence is what all large and medium-sized companies focus on. The knowledge base for operational excellence is well-defined not only abroad, but also in Russia. In his report, Gennady Tsepkov, an experienced project manager in the sphere of operational excellence, will share his practical experience gained in the course of executing operational excellence projects and discuss the evolutionary process of operational excellence.
  2. Outsourcing as the highest form of operational excellence
    • UniCredit Bank Board Member Paolo Cederle will discuss his bank’s achievements in operational excellence. UniCredit Bank undertook a serious transformation in the allocation of operations and support functions into inter-regional service centers that provide support services internationally. He will explain the working model of such service centers and talk about global trends in the field. He will also tell forum attendees about the practice of outsourcing operations and support functions at European commercial banks.
  3. Is it possible to outsource operations functions in Russia and the CIS?

    In the forum’s wrap-up discussion, we plan to look at the following questions:

    • CIS banks that already use or provide back-office outsourcing;
    • Banks’ willingness to outsource back-office functions;
    • Stop-factors and triggers for using outsourcing;
    • Outsourcing management model, areas of responsibility and decision making.
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