Creating a Domestic Capital Base

Friday, February 3rd, 14:30-16:00

Moscow is on course to build a world class International Financial Center that will help serve the needs of the expanding economy and of the country’s major corporations. This panel will look at the progress in creating the IFC, what is on the agenda over the next 12 months and what still needs to be achieved for Moscow to take its place among the world’s major financial centers.

The creation of a central depository in Russia will also be one of the key topics for the panel. This is one of the most important pieces of legislative infrastructure to be put in place in 2012. Along with the physical and other legislative infrastructure now being put in place, Moscow is gradually opening up to a much broader pool of international investors.

The panel will also look at what needs to be done to create a more significant domestic capital base. How can Russians be persuaded to turn their savings more toward long-term investment schemes and what needs to be done to significantly increase the volume of pension fund assets managed in the equity market.

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