Global Economic Ills and their Impact on the Social Framework

Thursday, February 2nd, 10:45-12:00

There are deep-rooted structural problems across the global economy. This panel attempts to discuss how the social framework across the world and the increasing wealth gap between the rich and poor will likely affect global stability. The global economic mess can exacerbate social tensions especially considering the fragile link between the expected powers of the Western consumer to cure global economic ills and the size of the unemployment problem in the West of the under 30’s. Will it take a generation to get the developed world out of the current mess? What will be its impact on the social framework? Can Western democracies cope or will the democratic fabric fray? How will the emerging markets fare in this environment? How and where has wealth shifted and where could investment be sourced in the future? What will the opportunities be, and how will political uncertainties affect them?

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