Developed and Emerging Banks: A Case of Irreversible Decline vs Irrepressible Rise?

Friday, February 3rd, 12:10-13:30

Emerging market banks are now typically valued at almost twice the level of their developed market peers. This is a state of affairs that would appear amply justified by the former’s superior growth and profitability, and by the stronger domestic economies in which they operate.

As well-capitalized emerging market banks start to spread their wings, is the future
shaping up to be one in which the competitive advantages are increasingly stacked in their favor?

This panel discussion will call upon the experience of a range of banking experts from Russia and leading emerging markets, as well as developed market peers. It will discuss how the balance is – or is not – shifting between emerging and developed banks, what these banks can learn from each other, and what are the challenges and opportunities that are being created amidst almost unprecedented change in regulatory and operating environments.

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