The Role of Innovation Policy in Modernisation

Friday, February 3rd, 16:30-18:00

The global economic crisis has clearly shown that Russia’s place in the world directly depends on whether it will be able to carry out intensive modernisation in order to reduce the technological backwardness it currently experiences in comparison to countries that lead in several areas. However, there is no united position concerning the launch of a full-scale invitation process in Russia and the path to answering this problem.

Each aspect of modernisation – from the condition of science and education and the level of technological and engineering culture to the private sector’s ability to perceive innovation – is being heavily discussed by society.

The government is a vehicle of change, but it is not the only party that can change the situation. Russia needs a continuous dialogue, exchange of opinions, and organisation of idea centres so as to ensure that the process of unavoidable change is as transparent as possible, comprehensible and a joint effort.

The following will be discussed as part of the panel session:

  • innovation as a source of economic development and competitiveness.
  • government and business priorities in this field
  • roles of government, laws, culture, financing, academia, large companies, startups…
  • current innovations and planned ones
  • innovation Ecosystems and factors that drive their success
  • planning, organization, oversight, and expectations of an innovation ecosystem.
  • progress currently being made in this field
  • prospects and potential
  • what has been done / hasn’t managed to be done in this field
  • russia’s experiences, lessons and ambitions
  • success stories
  • new ideas

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