Breakthrough Hit Creation: A Gift of Foresight or Calculation?

Saturday, February 4th, 15:30-17:00

Producers from all studios and TV channels are racking their brains trying to create new original ideas that will grow into long-lasting franchises in the future. How do they determine what an audience wants to watch now and in what they will desire in a year or two? What mechanisms exist to identify the current trends and, more importantly, how can we learn to create future trends?

  • How to estimate whether a movie will be interesting for the audience by the time it is released.
  • Who leads – the producer or the audience? Are there any mechanisms for creating audience interest?
  • How to use new media platforms to create next generation TV and cinema content.
  • How to find a compromise between a scriptwriter’s creative boldness and a producer’s cautiousness.
  • Any franchise or series runs the risk of burning out after its first season. How can this be avoided and where can inspiration be drawn from?
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