“Russia 2012″ – Moscow Lap of Davos

February 1, 2012


No sooner had the 42nd annual World Economic Forum in Davos ended, Sberbank, the biggest Russian bank headed by German Gref, and the investment company Troika Dialog, convened its 5th post-Davos forum “Russia 2012”. Davos only outlined some of the profound problems facing Russia’s economy while it continues to reform as a new global financial and economic collapse threatens. 2000 economists and businessmen representing 150 global companies will meet again in Moscow starting today and continuing their discussions till February 4th.

The head of one of the organizers of the forum, Ruben Vardanian, Chairman of the Board of Troika Dialog investment company, explains:

“While Davos is a global conference with too many issues on the agenda, we would like to hear its echo in Moscow, too. We really did not have enough time to answer all their questions in Switzerland, so we are now giving them the floor here. For the 5th time we are inviting the people gathering in Davos to have some of a bridge. Our would-be investors are willing to hear more about our expectations of what will happen in the key areas of our economy and the best opportunities for investment. More than 2,000 will talk to each other one-on-one about what concerns their share-holders,” said Ruben Vardanian.

The “Russia 2012″ forum is to discuss themes like global changes in the world’s economy and new realities Russia faces in these circumstances; ways of a transfer to a more stable model of our economic growth and the relevant budget policies.

The expected speakers at the forum are Gordon Brown, Britain’s Finance Minister in 1997 through 2007, who was then elected Britain’s prime-minister, Paul Krugman, professor of Princeton University and a Nobel prize winner in Economics, Russia’s ex-finance minister Alexei Kudrin, Chairman of Sberbank German Gref, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and many more leading officials, economists and businessmen.

An official partner of the forum will be the Russian subsidiary of Mercedes, “Mercedes Bentz RUS”, whose 35 premium-class (S and E) cars will be given the status of “The Forum’s Automobile” to cater to the forum’s VIP guests.