“Experience Designers” – Transmedia Devotees in Search of Investors at the Russia Forum 2012

February 7, 2012


On February 4, 2012, the Special Day of The Russia Forum 2012 “Investing in Film, TV and New Media” took place in Moscow. For the first time, about 450 leading Russian and international experts — the present and future of the media market — got together. The event’s discussions and meetings were organised by Sberbank of Russia, Troika Dialog and Cinemotion Group.

In the course of the event, the participants discussed topics such as media industry development and trends in Russia and worldwide, the issues of government support policy for national film production and distribution, the fight against media piracy, the specific nature and risks of investing in the Russian media market, and cooperation between producers and advertisers.

Particular attention was paid to the progress made by Russian investment funds that have supported various projects within the industry. The participants of the Special Day of The Russia Forum 2012 emphasised the fact that Russia is rapidly becoming one of the leaders of the fast-moving media market. One of the most promising trends for the Russian film and TV industry is the combination of the creative genius of its professionals with the experience of financial market specialists. This is one of the key factors affecting industry development.

This idea was supported by the closing speeches of Lance Weiler and Caitlin Burns. They gave the following name to teams involved in transmedia storytelling, a field that includes all existing media types, formats and digital platforms: “experience designers”.

Over 50 speakers — trendsetters of the Russian and global media business — took the floor during the Special Day: Warner Bros. Entertainment Vice President Pavel Krapivin, Lionsgate Television COO Sandra Stern, screenwriter, producer and entrepreneur Lance Weiler, Starlight Runner Entertainment transmedia producer Caitlin Burns, and NBC Universal new technologies vice president Andy Lucas.

The conference also attracted numerous Russian experts, including: film director, actor, producer, and Glavkino and Art Pictures Studio founder Fyodor Bondarchuk, The Walt Disney Company CIS General Director Marina Zhigalova-Ozkan, Movie Research General Director Oleg Ivanov, Variety Russia Editor-in-chief, Sovexportfilm General Director Ekatherina Mtsituridze, Troika Dialog AM Managing Director Anton Rakhmanov, The Hollywood Reporter Russian Edition Editor-in-chief Ivan Kudryavtsev, producer, AR Films Chairman of the Board of Directors Alexander Rodnyansky, Cinema Fund head of international department Elena Romanova, and many others.

In total, the conference featured 20 round tables and discussions.