Vladimir Mau

Rector, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service at the President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Mau heads the Council of the Government Commission on Economic Development and Integration. He is a member of the Presidential Council on Science, Technology and Education, the Presidential Commission on Formation and Preparation of a Managerial Reserve, and the Presidential Commission on Administrative Reform.

Dr. Mau conducted research at the Institute of Economics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Economic Policy at the Academy of National Economy, and the Institute for the Economy in Transition. Since 1991, he has participated in the elaboration and implementation of a number of economic reforms in Russia. In 1992-93, he was Advisor to the Prime Minister, and in 1997-2002 headed the Russian Government’s Working Group for Economic Reform.

Dr. Mau is the Chief Editor of the journal “Economic Policy” and a member of the editorial boards of the journals “Economic Questions”, “Journal of Economic Transition”, “The Herald of Europe” and several others.

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