Olga Sviblova

Director, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

With support from the Moscow city government, Olga Sviblova established the Moscow House of Photography in 1996 and the Multimedia Art Museum in 2001. She is the founder and artistic director for the Moscow International Biennale’s “Fashion and Style in Photography” festival and the “Silver Camera” competition.

Since 1996 she has been involved with more than 2,500 projects in Russia and abroad in the fields of photography and contemporary art.

In 2007-09, Ms Sviblova served as the curator for the Russian pavilion at the 52nd and 53rd Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art.

She graduated with honours from Moscow State University’s Department of Psychology in 1978, and in 1987 she earned a postgraduate degree specialising in “The psychology of creativity”. She holds a PhD and is an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts. She has curated more than 500 projects in the field of contemporary art and photography in Russia and abroad. Ms Sviblova is an art critic and the author of more than 200 articles. She holds an award from the Moscow City Duma (1998), the Gold Medal of Paris (1999), a medal of the decoration “For service to the Fatherland” (2nd grade; awarded in 2000) and several other awards.

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