Mircea Mihaescu

Director, Sberbank Technology Research Center

Dr. Mircea Mihaescu is the Director of the Sberbank Technology Research Center in Moscow, leading banking-related emerging technology research and development projects, both internal. and in collaboration with research institutes and Sberbank technology partners.

Before joining Sberbank he was Director, CIO Lab Enterprise Agility at IBM, where he lead internal innovation projects in social computing, cyber security and business process management.

In his previous position, he was the Director of Provisioning and Configuration Technologies for IBM Tivoli, responsible for the development of Tivoli Provisioning Manager, Tivoli Configuration Manager and Tivoli Security Compliance Manager products, and for driving automatic configuration products as a base technology across IBM.

Prior to joining IBM Tivoli through the acquisition of Think Dynamics, Mircea was the Vice President of Engineering at Think Dynamics, where he was in charge of managing the development of a pioneering cloud computing infrastructure management solution.

Prior to joining Think Dynamics, Mircea was the Vice President and CTO for beMANY, an Internet commerce company designed to assist individual consumers and businesses with the purchase and management of communication and utility services, with the benefits of group buying power and consolidated customer billing.

Before joining beMANY, Mircea served as Technology Head for Bank of Montreal Capital
Markets, leading the development of trading, risk management and back office processing applications for derivatives financial products.

Mircea holds “Engineer” and Ph.D. degrees in Electronics Engineering from the “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania.

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