Matteo Rizzi

Innovation manager, SWIFT

Matteo Rizzi joined SWIFT in 2003 and is responsible for the launch of Innotribe, which positioned SWIFT as a facilitator of collaborative innovation in the financial industry.

Mr Matteo has worked in Sales and Account Management at SWIFT, and in 2007 he created, the collaborative space for SWIFT’s financial ecosystem, which was launched at Sibos 2007 in Boston. In 2003, he founded one of the first social networks,, which today is the world’s largest Italian expatriate portal. Prior to joining SWIFT, Mr Rizzi spent 10 years in the IT networking sales industry.

Among his current responsibilities, Mr Matteo is in charge of the Innotribe Incubator, an instrument to finance new and innovative initiatives within the SWIFT ecosystem.
He holds a master’s degree in computer science and a postgraduate degree in financial transactions. A truly multi-cultural European, he conducts business in French, Italian, Spanish and English. He resides in Belgium and works out of SWIFT’s global headquarters.

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