Gideon Rachman

Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times

Gideon Rachman has been Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator for the Financial Times since 2006. He writes a weekly column on international politics, as well as an FT blog. He had previously worked for The Economist for 15 years in a range of jobs, including as Foreign Correspondent in Brussels, Bangkok and Washington and as Business Editor. He has also written for numerous other publications, including Foreign Policy, the Washington Quarterly and Prospect magazines. He is a regular broadcaster for the BBC and NPR.

He is author of the book “Zero-Sum World”, about the future of international relations, which was published in the UK in late 2010. It was published under the title “Zero-Sum Future” in the US in February 2011.

Mr Rachman is a graduate in history from Caius College, Cambridge and has been a visiting fellow at Princeton University. He was named Foreign Commentator of the Year in the 2010 UK Comment Awards.

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