Alexei Golubykh

Private Banking Director, Troika Dialog

Alexey has worked at Troika Dialog since 1996.

Alexey joined the investment banking business in 1994 following a lengthy internship in the U.S., where he started his career at New Star Bank, created by the pension fund AT&T and Lockheed Martin, one of the first to invest in Russia. Alexey in 1995 joined KPMG and its project to create RTS, Russia’s first stock exchange, and NAUFOR (National Association of Stock Market Participants). In his work on the project, Alexey cooperated closely with Troika Dialog – one of the active participants in creating Russia’s equity market. Upon the project’s completion, Alexey decided to remain in Russia’s new and interesting business sphere and chose to work at Troika Dialog in order to develop this area together with the company.

Alexey spent more than 11 years in Troika Dialog’s Global Market Department, providing expert consultation to clients on financial markets and portfolio management.

Today, Alexey continues his career as a member of Russia’s most experienced private banking team, one with a clear vision of how Russia’s private banking industry should best develop in the future.

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