MOESK is one of the three largest distribution companies in Russia. The main activity of the company is to provide electricity transmission services and technological connection of consumers to electric grids in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Service area is 47,000 sq. km. with a population of about 17 million people.

MOESK aims to increase the reliability of electricity supply, rapid development of network infrastructure and provision of its accessibility, energy efficiency and investment attractiveness for shareholders and investors.

The company’s main assets are:

  • overhead power lines, with a total length of 60,057 km.

  • cable transmission lines, with a total length of 68,257 km.
  • high-voltage power centres to the amount of 607 units.
  • substation distribution networks to the amount of 28,689 units.

Installed transformer capacity:

  • high centres of power – 44,120 MVA.

  • substations of distribution networks – 20,542 MVA.

The expected revenue (IFRS) for 2011 will amount to 124 bln roubles. ($3.9 bln), EBITDA – 40 bln roubles. ($1.2 bln), and net profit of at least 17.5 bln roubles. ($0.5). Compared with other IDGCs, MOESK will continue to maintain a strong leading position in terms of these parameters.

The main shareholders of the Company are Holding IDGC (50.9%), Leader (Trustee) (22.76%), GPB-DI HOLDINGS LIMITED, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (5.23%), Group of Moscow Government Companies (OEK-Finance, MOEK-Finance) (5.07%).

Shares of MOESK are trading in the quotation list of the first tier of MICEX Stock Exchange, included in the calculation base of the MICEX PWR Index (RTSeu – monetary value), and RTSI and RTS2 Indices.

Market capitalisation of Company as of December 31, 2011 amounted to 85.1 bln roubles. ($2.6 bln).

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