Russian Railways

Russian Railways is one of the biggest railway companies in the world with 85,500 km of track and 1 million employees. Almost 1.1 billion passengers travel via Russian Railways annually as well as 1.1 billion tonnes of freight.

The company’s mission is to meet the market demand for transport, increase the efficiency of the company’s activity and the quality of its services and achieve deep integration in the Eurasian transport system.

The main activities of the company are to meet the needs of the state, commercial entities and private individuals for rail transportation, work and rail services, and to generate profits.

Strategic goals of the company:

  • grow the transport business
  • increase production and commercial efficiency
  • increase the quality of work and transport safety
  • deepen integration into the Eurasian transport system
  • increase financial sustainability and efficiency

The Russian Federation is the sole shareholder of Russian Railways.

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