Gazprom Energoholding

Gazprom Energoholding Limited Liability Company is a vertically integrated company (a 100 percent subsidiary of JSC Gazprom) that manages generating companies belonging to the Gazprom Group following unitary corporate standards.
Gazprom Energoholding is Russia’s largest owner of electric power (generating) assets (controlling interest in JSC Mosenergo, JSC TGK-1, JSC OGK-2), including more than 80 power plants with installed capacity of over 37 GW (approximately 17% of the total installed capacity of the Russian electric-power industry), and is among the top ten of world producers of electricity.

In 2010, the total amount of electric power generation by power plants belonging to Gazprom Energoholding accounted for 174.6 billion kw / h (about 17% of the total electricity production in the country) with useful release of heat power of 104.6 million Gcal.

Main activities of the company:

  • Participation in development and implementation of Gazprom Group power industry strategy, and monitoring of implementation carried out by generating companies

  • Participation in formation and implementation of the authority of the controlling shareholder of the Gazprom Group’s generating companies
  • Development of measures for improving management efficiency and cost reduction at generating companies
  • Development and implementation of unitary effective strategies and policies for generating companies (technical policy, environmental policy, etc.)
  • Establishment and updating of a single financial model for generating companies
  • Implementation of a unified investment strategy and monitoring of its performance at generating companies
  • Provision of a unitary position of companies in their relations with public authorities, market regulators and major contractors
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