CentrObuv, “Trade House “CentrObuv”, CJSC, is a part of the Centrofashion Corp. The Group began its operations in 1992 as a shoe wholesaler, later shifted its strategy to develop as a retail chain. Today CentroFashion is the leader in the Russian footwear market with the 4.3% market share. Centrofashion Corp. is developing two distinct brands: the CentrObuv – chain of family shoe stores and trendy, youth-oriented “fast-fashion” format “Centro” stores. Today the Group has more than 800 stores in more than 240 cities across Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The Group continues to strengthen its presence on the Russian market and expands its operations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Additional information about “Trade House “CentrObuv” can be found at the Groups web-sites: www.centrobuv.ru, www.centrofashion.ru

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